iFlickr 0.9 it is

A quick update in response to a few inquiries.  The current version of iFlickr is 0.9, and the place to get it is from the AppTapp Official source on Installer.app.  If that sounds like geek speak, all you need to know is: to run iFlickr you should make sure your iPhone is jailbroken (ziphone.org is one place to find a simple Jailbreak solution), then launch the Installer app, and you’ll find iFlickr in the Install tab.

We have removed a number of experimental features that were in previous versions, including maps etc, to have a simpler, more reliable app.  



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Google My Location on iFlickr

MacWorld 2008 has started. Today Steve Jobs announced My Location for the Google Maps native app on iPhone. Hopefully, Google will release an API to interact with Google database in the future. In the meantime, iFlickr 0.6 does cell phone triangulation and has it’s own little version of My Location!

iFlickr will try to locate you the best it can, but if you are not happy, you can swipe to your correct location or enter an address in the app. Your pictures on Flickr will be geotagged wherever you place the red marker (tap-tap on the screen to move the marker, swipe left,right, up & down to move the screen)

Here is a screenshot.



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iFlickr-0.0.6 is out!

Just put up the latest version on googlecode.iFlickr-0.0.6-4.tar.gz Hope to have it on Installer.app very soon.–pradeepta 

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New and Improved iFlickr

Welcome to the iFlickr blog!

It has been some time that I have worked on iFlickr. In the meantime, the user community has grown to about 21,000 users. Users have been very kind to point out bugs that sorely needed fixing. The obvious ones are the save to photoroll bugs. iFlickr caches the pictures on disk, so that upload failures can be queued and sent when Edge/WiFi is back on. There was a subtle bug in caching which would render iFlickr unusable until the photo roll is cleaned manually, see http://code.google.com/p/iflickr/issues/detail?id=1 . That has been fixed.

Another long standing request was to let the user decide which pictures to send. Now, the user can do that, and add a custom title to the picture.

Here comes the big one : iFlickr is now integrated with an inbuilt Google map. The GSM feature will try to locate the phone using cell towers. Sometimes it does not place you exactly where you want to be. Now, you can see on a map the current location. But if you are not happy with it, you can navigate the map using iphone style swiping to wherever, and place a marker there. iFlickr will use that to geotag the snaps.

Stay tuned on for the latest release sometimes soon on Installer.app.


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